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UX Research
Certification Programme (UXRCP)

8 Week Course




week rigorous online program


recorded sessions with real world case studies





live sessions with expert practitioners



hours per week



and live feedback

from experts

Next cohort starting on

April 3rd, 2023

Fee Structure

INR 45,000​

10% discount for students.

Grab your spot now! Limited seats only.


In today's digital world, user experience (UX) has become an essential part of creating successful products and services. The way users interact with the website or an app can have a significant impact on their engagement with the brand or the organisation.  The global User Experience (UX) Market Size was estimated at USD 500 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 1.4 bn by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 16.40% during the forecast period. Digital economy of India is likely to hit the $1 tn mark by 2030. However, in these times, technology, price, and access is no longer a differentiator and hence UX is where businesses are now competing. UX research will be the next big skill needed in this industry.

Turian Academy has realized that the courses available in this domain focus largely on 'visual design' aspect while missing the larger picture of innovation and business alignment. Turian Academy's UX Research program is a high-intensity, short-term course focused on preparing high-quality industry-ready professionals who can navigate smoothly through essential concepts, methods, and business strategy alignments. Understanding the wider context of business innovation is crucial for a user experience researcher to align the work with business objectives,  understand the competitive landscape, identify opportunities for innovation, and communicate with stakeholders. The course contains a healthy mix of pre-recorded videos, live interaction with experienced mentors, industry-focused assignments and personalized feedback sessions. 


This course is designed for people interested in learning afresh or upgrading UX research skills.

  • UX/UI designers upgrading their skills in UX research

  • Designers from other streams (product/graphics/fashion etc.)

  • Product managers or developers from digital startups/IT companies

  • Other industry professionals planning to switch to the UX profession

  • Startup founders in their early stages



At the end of this course, you will learn how to identify research goals, select appropriate methods, recruit participants, and conduct interviews using methods like projective techniques, cognitive walkthroughs, open-ended conversations etc. You will also learn to analyze data and turn insights into actionable design or innovation recommendations.

Join us on this exciting journey today and take the first step towards becoming a UX Research expert!

Some salient features of the program include:

  • 8-week-long self-paced online program, including weekends

  • Curated and pre-recorded sessions for self-learning - conducted by Manoj Kothari, Co-founder & Chief Strategist, Turian Labs, and UX researchers at Turian Labs

  • Hands-on experience with live projects and live sessions with practitioners

  • Assignments, assessments, and personalized feedback at each stage

  • Mentoring from expert UX researchers at Turian Labs

  • Industry-oriented tools and best practices built into the course

  • Turian Academy Certificate on successful completion

  • Possibility of working with Turian Labs on exciting global assignments

Expectations from the candidate


A Graduate in any stream


Skilled in written and spoken English


Willing to take the leap into the exciting world of Design Thinking and UX research

Online Learning

Who is it for?


Student looking to start career in UX Research


Working professionals looking for upskilling


Working professionals looking to shift domains

Course Content

Module 1

Understanding Business Innovation

  • Why does a business need to innovate?

  • What is a business lifecycle?

  • What is the role of design in innovation?

  • What is UX and how does it affect a business?

Module 4

Data Synthesis

  • Why do we synthesize?

  • Capturing user stories

  • Getting started with synthesis methods and frameworks 

Module 2

Introduction to UX Research

  • What is UX Research?

  • How is UX Research different from Market Research?

  • Decoding buzzwords around UX Research

  • What is Design Thinking

Module 5

UX Research Presentations

  • Articulating actionable insights 

  • Formats for research findings

  • Best practices for report writing

  • Research implementation and impact

Module 3

Conducting UX Research

  • Snapshot of UX Research process

  • What is context/system empathy?

  • What is user empathy?

  • Key concepts around empathy

Module 6

UX Research Management

  • How is research planned?

  • Understanding target user and user recruitment 

  • Best practices in conducting UX research

I recently completed the 3-week UX research bootcamp at Turian Academy and it was an incredible learning experience. The course covered a wide range of topics and provided hands-on experience with various research methods and tools. The instructors and the mentors were highly knowledgeable and supportive, and provided valuable feedback on our assignments and projects. The course was well-structured and easy to follow, with engaging lectures and practical exercises, after every module that helped me apply the concepts I learned in real-world scenarios. The live project made us apply the learnings from the videos and actually made us understand the nuances of UX research. I highly recommend Turian Academy to anyone interested in expanding their skills in UX research or pursuing a career in the field.

Krishna Aher - UXRCP Cohort 1

How to Apply


Choose a course of your liking


Register on the website


Appear for an interview


Enroll & choose payment plan

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