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Megatrends & Business Forecast Workshop

Assumption and projection-based forecasting methods focus on the competition and the larger industry at play. Megatrends-based strategic foresight is a relatively new method finding gradual acceptance in industries across the board. An odd scientific phenomenon, a weird startup or a wayward consumer profile all seem disconnected in the beginning. Beneath the surface, they camouflage hidden patterns that are often the drivers of change. These patterns affect the future of markets, industries, policies and people dramatically. They can potentially render an entire industry irrelevant. This basic course teaches participants to connect such seemingly disparate signals to craft winning business strategies and future-proof their businesses.

As key decision-makers in their businesses, the top managers always seek the bigger picture and its likely impact on the P&L account, the brands, regulators, shareholders and society at large.

While the senior management brings in the usual repertoire of data-driven reports, the top management has to spot patterns quickly, detect non-linear trends early and sense the resultant hidden market opportunities for the future - from the data thus presented.

This one-day programme teaches delegates to apply megatrends-driven thinking in their high-stakes strategic calls. Data and leap-of-faith are the often-quoted decision-making tools. Megatrend thinking fortifies your decision-making with a clearer picture of the future.

Program Objectives


Understanding the field of futures thinking with a focus on megatrends and scenarios


How to figure out the most relevant trends for business foresight?


How to place long-term bets on hitherto ‘untested approaches’ and deploy resources optimally?


How to apply megatrend thinking to interpret board-level data and reports?


How to use megatrends to craft and communicate your future vision to employees, shareholders and customers?


How to deploy “untested bets” on the future of your company’s business model?


How to use megatrends to beat the obsolescence cycle and fragile consumer loyalty?

Who is it for?


Mid to senior management


Top Management (Decision Makers)


Business Owners

Course Content

The programme is structured as an interactive workshop with a strong emphasis on activity-based learning. The programme is delivered over 2 days and structured into 2 sessions per day of 120 minutes each.

Design thinking & going beyond business analysis

  • Introduction to design thinking

  • Applying design thinking to strategy

  • Flavouring business analysis with megatrends

Understanding Megatrends

  • How megatrends directly impact the big-picture business thinking


  • Introduction to megatrends

  • Trend spotting and forecasting

Deploying megatrends for business analysis

  • Using megatrends to interpret data-heavy research report


  • Scenario planning

  • Speculative design and other future methods


  • Using scenarios to craft business

  • Brand, product and service narratives

Megatrend application

  • Business integration and implication

Applying foresight

  • Directing your company’s business plans using foresight thinking


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