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Design Thinking Sprint

Design Thinking workshops are not enough to build a culture in an organisation. Along with the workshops, we offer a staggered engagement for catalyzing Design Thinking led innovation and building creative thinking capability  in an organization. This engagement consists of initial short immersive workshop followed by DT sprints and standarisation. The DT Sprint is about applying Design Thinking tools in a real-time business scenario. For this program, senior facilitators from Turian Labs spend dedicated time understanding the problems and concerns of the organization to customize the process and tools specific to the organization’s requirements. 

Usually, it should take 8-10 weeks overall, with around 6-8 days of facilitation intervention from our side. 

Program Objectives


Applying the design thinking methods and tools to manage a design project successfully


Create an environment that encourages all organizational-units to contribute ideas and make them work


Building a skill for deep inquiry and empathy with stakeholders


Creating organization specific tools & templates which would be customized for implementation 


Building a common language of innovation in the organisation

Who is it for?


Teams looking for expert intervention to solve the real life problem together, using DT methodology


Organisations looking to train a group of trainers who would become internal ambassadors of innovation

Course Content

Context Immersion & Planning

  • Understanding and dissecting a mandate/brief/task.

  • Deep dive into the best practices of the competitive landscaping, societal & industry trend identification - a front-end scan

  • Back-end structuring (Planning, timeline and resource management)

  • Data assimilation and articulating metafacts (linear & non-linear)

Problem Re-defining

  • Finalising the design directions based on the research conducted. The initial problem statement may undergo iterations.

Stakeholder Validation

  • Exposure to tools and methods for ‘user validation’.

  • Assimilating the emerging directions

Stakeholder Empathy & Insight Generation

  • Structuring early hypotheses, identifying key research questions

  • Developing an interaction guideline and identify users and tools to empathize with them

  • Executing empathy interactions

  • Sensemaking and synthesis of stories gathered from ‘data immersion’ and ‘user research’ to form meaningful connections.

Creative Solutioning & Prototyping

  • ‘Rapidly strategizing’ multiple concepts. Realising the value of being comfortable in ‘fast ideation’

  • Deriving multiple ideas without fear of failing to match constraints or achieve business goals.

Standardization & Implementation

  • No-go areas, delight points and user suggestions for concept/s

  • How to assimilate and construct an MVP with all the knowledge gathered from immersion to creation.

  • Understanding the different modes of delivering final outputs (executive summaries, insight reports etc.)

  • Methods and situations of presenting to internal/external stakeholders.


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