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Design Thinking Workshop

Design thinking is widely acknowledged as a human-centered approach blending people’s needs, technology application and the imperative of business success. It is fast gaining acceptance as a skill for complex problem-solving in the unprecedented times we live in. This programme will introduce you to the fundamental models and processes of design thinking, problem-solving approaches and equip you with a “design mindset” to view commercial or technological challenges and build holistic solutions. 

Program Objectives


Understanding the design thinking method in the business context


Introduction to design thinking tools


Framing problems right and validating them cost-effectively 


Gaining compelling user insights to explore the emerging consumer mindset


Failing early & inexpensively: Quick prototyping to arrive at product/service concepts faster


Design Sprint: How to manage a design project successfully

Who is it for?


Mid to senior management


Any working professionals looking for upskilling

Course Content

The programme is structured as a two-day interactive workshop with a strong emphasis on activity-based (project-based)  learning. The programme is delivered over 2 days structured into 5 sessions of 90 minutes each. Day 2 will be fully dedicated to a project activity to simulate a real-life design project. 

Design Thinking Fundamentals

Understanding the “design mindset”, how design can be applied to business problems, design thinking first principles.

Rapid Prototyping

Evolving the design brief into concepts using the rapid prototyping method. Understanding the iterative approach to the design of real and virtual products through continuous prototyping, reviewing and refinement.

Design Thinking Tools

Learning how to apply design thinking tools like empathic user research, research schemas, personae creation, cluster analysis, rapid prototyping

Design Delivery & Management

Understanding design delivery using concepts like design sprints, product planning and release management. Learning how to manage the entire design cycle from start to finish.

Design Brief

De-constructing and interpreting a detailed design brief to understand incremental, radical & disruptive innovation from the user perspective. Understanding how design radically impacts the meaning of a product, service or brand. How good design brief transitions from an unspoken user need to a customer aspiration.


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