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UX Research Certification Program (UXR)

This course focuses on building user-experience research (UXR) and management capabilities within corporates. Through this program, teams can enhance the understanding of user needs, behaviors, and preferences, leading to improved ability to develop products and services that meet those needs. User experience research provides insights into how people interact with products,  services and experiences (digital or physical), and it can help professionals identify opportunities for improvement and innovation. By developing expertise in user experience research, professionals can create more effective, efficient, and engaging user experiences, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business success.

Program Objectives


Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to design and evaluate effective user experiences


Gain a deeper understanding of user needs and behaviours, as well as how to design and evaluate products and services that meet those needs

Who is it for?


Organisations setting up UX research teams 


Organizations planning to upskill their design teams with UX research training


Any working professionals looking for upskilling

Course Content

Understanding Business Innovation

  • Why does a business need to innovate?

  • What is a business lifecycle?

  • What is the role of design in innovation?

  • What is UX and how does it affect a business?

Data Synthesis

  • Why do we synthesize?

  • Capturing user stories

  • Getting started with synthesis methods and frameworks 

Introduction to

UX Research

  • What is UX Research?

  • How is UX Research different from Market Research?

  • Decoding buzzwords around UX Research

  • What is Design Thinking

UX Research Presentations

  • Articulating actionable insights 

  • Formats for research findings

  • Best practices for report writing

  • Research implementation and impact

Conducting UX Research

  • Snapshot of UX Research process

  • What is context/system empathy?

  • What is user empathy?

  • Key concepts around empathy

UX Research Management

  • How is research planned?

  • Understanding target user and user recruitment 

  • Best practices in conducting UX research


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