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Customer Experience Management Program

Customer experience is the impression your customers have of your brand as a whole throughout all aspects of the buyer's journey. It results in their view of your brand and impacts factors related to your bottom line including revenue.

Customer Experience is fast becoming the industry standard. Many companies have set up departments within their organizations to focus on Customer Experience.  Consequently, the demand for people with customer experience knowledge (and certification) is very high.

This course will focus on developing fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed for efficient customer experience management.

Program Objectives


How to envision, execute and measure customers' experience initiatives


Building a culture of customer-centricity within the organization


Appreciating brand implications on customer experience


Taking creative initiatives confidently


Sensing and communicating your insights effectively to the stakeholders

Who is it for?


Sales and marketing executives


All professionals who are responsible for any part of the Customer Experience Journey


Freshers getting inducted into customer-facing roles in the organization


Employees of an organization mandated with building a customer-centric organization

Course Content

Customer Experience Introduction

How does customer relationship management (CRM) differ from customer experience? How is customer loyalty, retention and advocacy affected with CX? How does CX connect with corporate vision and strategy?

Creative Problem Solving using Design Thinking

Building a mindset and a wider culture of being receptive to ideas while remaining objective and focused in solution finding. Development of critical thinking is a bonus in this approach. 

CX Measurements

The module includes understanding the concept of touch-points across the user journey and aggregating the customer experience through the journey. Some popular measurements like Net promoter score, Average Handling Time or Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) etc. would be useful for the customer experience champions.

Understanding Brand & Brand Strategy

Understanding the interplay of group grand v/s contextual/divisional brand, product and brand positioning, importance of uniform messaging, importance of target segments and how they interact with the product or service differently.

Effective Communication

This topic would involve making focused and quality presentations in front of relevant stakeholders, building a skill of writing precise documents with good structure and presentable content. It will also train them on how to read body-language and keep interactions friendly, but professional.

Empathetic Listening & Conversations

Open-ended conversations provoke the customer to open-up about tacit needs and helps the customer experience champion, build a better rapport faster, improve customer satisfaction and customer engagement.

Diversity & Sensitivity Appreciation

This topic will help create a positive and inclusive culture by breaking unconscious bias and preventing discrimination. 

Lessons from this topic will not only be applicable in customer interactions, but also in building diversity and equality in the workplace.


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