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Learn Innovation
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Experience immersive learning, hands-on work, and industry mentorship to develop the skills you need to advance your career in UX Research, CX Management & Design Thinking 


Learn UX Research
from industry experts

8 Week Certification Course

This course is built from the ground up to help you become an innovation leader, with a focus on practical knowledge and real-life case studies. You'll gain a deep understanding of user-centered design, design thinking, and customer empathy, as well as the skills to apply these concepts to your own work.

Training for Corporates

Turian Academy deploys its cross-sectorial, global expertise in crafting and managing innovation programs to help organisations take a leap into creative change. From crafting customised workshops on focused topics to running a year long program towards bringing a culture of creative thinking in the employees, Turian Labs provides experts a bouquet of  skilling programs. These programs  are expert led,  well documented, enriched with real-life examples. 

"Attending UXRCP by Turian Academy was a great experience. It covered all the aspects of UX research. The inclusion of business aspect made a difference and would be very helpful when we have to explain our projects. It made me understand UX research is not just user related but keeps in mind the whole system. The mentor that is allotted helps a lot and guides us through the nuances of the project assigned. "

Krishna Aher - UXRCP Cohort 1


Who We Are

Turian Labs is a design-led research and innovation strategy consulting company based in Pune, India.  We use the Renaissance Mind framework - a blend of Futures Thinking, Design Thinking, and Business Thinking. Our research-led strategy helps improve user experience (CX or UX), map emerging consumer segments, discover new business models, and catalyze innovation.

What We Offer

Building on the legacy of more than 2 decades of Design and Design Thinking practice, Turian Labs grew to make an indelible mark in the area of design research and innovation strategy consulting. With a practice that has been nurtured at the intersection of business, design, and research, Turian has successfully implemented its Renaissance Mind Framework- a blend of Futures Thinking, Design Thinking, and Business Thinking in its drive to provide directions to its clients worldwide.

With user research and customer experience at the core of its consultation offerings, it becomes imperative for the team to keep up the rigor and relevance in their knowledge-building, research methodologies, processes, and articulation of insights and results. In addition, a deep understanding of the pedagogy helps in building the study right.

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Compact & Intense Learning

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Point of View

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Ground up


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Live Industry Problems


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